Cyber Security Training Course

Awareness is the first line of defence

Our Cyber Security course is aimed at raising awareness amongst staff about the need for electronic information security, along with some practical ways in which it can be achieved.

What does the course cover?

  • Understanding what Cyber Security is and why we need it
  • Managing passwords effectively
  • Defending against viruses and malware
  • Using email safely
  • Identifying and avoiding phishing scams
  • Becoming aware of the security risks of social media
  • Knowing what to do if you suspect a security breach


  • Effective & affordable
  • Clear, concise content
  • Quick & easy learning


  • Provides proof of learning
  • Encourages good practice
  • Easy to schedule


From just £20 per user

  • Single course - 1 user per course - £20
  • Starter package - 10 users per course - £120 (only £12 per user)
  • Basic package - 50 users per course - £500 (only £10 per user)
  • Premium package - 100 users per course - £900 (only £9 per user)
  • Ultimate package - 500 users per course - £4000 (only £8 per user)

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Why cyber security training matters...

90% of all cyber-attacks begin with a human weakness
60% of small companies are unable to sustain their business within six months of a cyber crime attack.
Almost half of UK firms hit by cyber breach or attack in the past year - UK Government press release